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Leonard J. DeLorenzo, Ph.D.

Welcome to my site, where you can check out my books, contact me about speaking, and read selected articles. In the non-digital world, I work in the McGrath Institute for Church Life and teach theology at the University of Notre Dame, in addition to presenting at academic conferences and pastoral events. Contact me directly by using the form on this page.

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“This is at once a daunting and inviting book — a chance to consider the often-overlooked nuances to what Jesus is saying to us throughout the ages, but most especially and compellingly in our present day. This is a rich collection of Christian considerations that may well be vital to the faith in the 21st Century.”

Elizabeth Scalia, Editor at Large, Word on Fire Ministries

"Leonard DeLorenzo has written a book, which if followed, would transform youth ministry and evangelization in the Church in general.

Timothy O'Malley,
University of Notre Dame

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"This superb collection is more than simply an anthology of scholarly essays ... it is also an invitation for readers to be transformed intellectually, aesthetically, and spiritually."

Jacob H. Sherman, University of Cambridge

"A most impressive piece of scholarship. [DeLorenzo] makes a singular contribution to the needed ‘recovery of an eschatological imagination’ for contemporary Christians.”

Fr. Robert Imbelli,
Boston College


"Leonard DeLorenzo sheds profound light onto how faith is rooted in ways of being in the world which are often at variance with the grasshopper habits of digital natives. He beautifully demonstrates how a Christian culture, with its way of seeing the world, is necessary to liberate us from the anxious narratives of our time and glimpse God’s way of being."

Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., Former Master of the Dominican Order

“Both richly theoretical and eminently practical, this is required reading for those seeking to understand Cavadini’s view that a university’s Catholic identity is not a hindrance to be endured, but a privilege to be celebrated.”

Rev. Mark L. Poorman, President of the University of Portland