Introducing the Witness Evangelization Plan

The Witness Evangelization Plan is designed to help you lead disciples in your faith community in becoming confident and genuine witnesses to Christ's light in their lives. Developed through a partnership with the McGrath Institute for Church Life and Ave Maria Press, this plan builds on the book Witness: Learning to Tell the Stories of Grace that Illumine Our Lives by Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo, who has worked for more than 15 years working with teenagers and young adults, as well as adults in every stage of their faith journey to craft and share stories of grace. This plan includes inspiring teaching and reflection, but ultimately it guides participants in composing stories of grace themselves. It is easy, it is direct, and it is adaptable.  At one and the same time, participants will enrich their faith and learn from the faith and stories of others. In a world where it is harder and harder to really know each other as we truly are, the Witness Evangelization Plan helps us to come to know one another in the light of Christ.

Features of the Witness Evangelization Plan

Presentations prepared by Dr. DeLorenzo
Access to Stories of Grace podcasts
Small group conversation starters
Consultation with Dr. DeLorenzo

Customizable presentation options:
(1) Dr. DeLorenzo delivers presentations in person
(2) Dr. DeLorenzo delivers first presentation in person, others by video
(3) Dr. DeLorenzo delivers video presentations

*The number of sessions in the plan is also adjustable
*Each participant will need a copy of Witness 

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